Aliens is a general and broad term used to refer to any life in space that does not originate from a location of reference. Most commonly, that reference is planet Earth. Aliens are recognized as a very valid and serious threat to peace and order in Earth space, as well as in the entire galaxy (and sometimes beyond). 

Aliens are said to be 1 of the 2 possible threats to peace and order in Existence. The other one is said to be anything relating to the Dark Gods or evil. Aliens have been combated on many occasions, each time yielding violent outcomes. Almost no alien life in the universe is recognized as being docile or harmless - all alien civilizations encountered by humans have been hostile.

Alien Civilizations

There are many alien civilizations in Atmah and beyond. The currently existing ones are listed below (this list does not follow any pattern). It includes alien empires in Mundus as well as Araboth.

- The Covenant (crippled, hostile) Located in Atmah.

- The Andromeda Treaty (crippled, intentions unknown) Located in Atmah.

- The Highbreed Empire (very hostile) Located in Io and various realms of Mundus.

- The Faceless (slightly weakened) Located in Atmah.

- Kryptonians (crippled, neutral) Located in Io.

Below are listed the known civilizations that no longer exist, or the ones that don't exactly make the cut for an alien society.

- The Forerunner Empire (wiped out by Chaos)

- The Leviathan Empire (in hiding)

- The Dragma (destroyed in the war against Earth and finished by the Skeleton King)

Below is a list of these Alien civilizations (destroyed or existing) in order of the strength and influence they once had/still have.

1. The Forerunner Empire (spanned thousands of worlds; unparallaled technology. Destroyed)

2. The Leviathan Empire (spanned thousands of worlds and created the Reapers. Inactive/dormant)

3. The Andromeda Treaty (spanned an entire galaxy and had the greatest fleets in the universe. Greatly weakened. Possibly hostile)

4. The Hive (expands and evolves astronomically quickly; have absorbed countless of species of life. Active)

5. The Faceless (conquered many worlds in the Milky Way's Outer Rim. Somewhat weakened but still active.)

6. The Covenant (spans many worlds, very advanced tech, and very powerful fleets. Existing, but crippled)

7. The Dragma (attacked a few worlds including Earth, advanced tech, and powerful war machines. Destroyed)