"Watch now as the Legion's fire purges Creation, and all pitiful life within it!
- Archimonde just before unleashing the Eye of Sargeras in Artem.

Archimonde the Defiler is a mighty eredar lord, and Supreme Lord of the Burning Legion's military. He is Mannoroth's superior, and he oversees all the Legion's conquests throughout Creation. He is an equal to Kil'jaeden, but though he lacks his brother's wisdom and vision, Archimonde makes up for it with his terrible power, as well as tactical brilliance.

Archimonde and Mannoroth plotted the invasion of Mundus, but Archimonde put the Pit Lord in charge of the operation. Currently, Mannoroth ravages Mundus, with Archimonde observing carefully. Should Mannoroth fail in his duties, it seems likely that Archimonde would personally get involved in the Invasion of Mundus, and unleash the fullest wrath of the Burning Legion...


Archimonde - Call of the Legion

Archimonde laying waste to a world.

Powers and Personality