Argopotamia, also shortened to Argos, is a large continent on planet Earth, within the domains of the "wild world" of Velous. This large continent dominates much of centre-eastern Velous, and is a land of deep, tall forests, temperate grasslands, tundra, along with hills and valleys. This land has been the home of the powerful and influential Sergal race since the beginning of recorded history.

Argos is a divided land, and has been that way for millennia. When the High Elves came from Mereth to the lands of the Sergals in ancient times, they imposed their will on the "beast folk", and encouraged them, politically and militarily, to accept their rulership and culture. This conflict divided the Sergal people, with two groups emerging from this time; many of the Sergals chose to accept Merethi rulership, and the others who opposed them. Under direction of the Elves, the loyalist Sergals went to war against the dissident Sergals, and the conflict resulted in the dissidents heading southward into the deserts and steppes of southern Argos, while the loyalists remained in the north. This resulted in two distinct populations of Sergals coming into being over the centuries - the Northern and Southern Sergals.

Since those ancient days, the Northern and Southern Sergals have been in constant disagreement and even conflict, with the Northern Sergals desiring to bring the Southern tribes into their fold once again. However the Southern Sergals refuse to treat with their Northern brethren even to this day, and even contend that the south of Argos is its own autonomous nation.

Argos has been attacked and invaded several times throughout history, yet the hardy and tenacious Sergals always rise victorious in the defense of their beloved homeland. Argos was the seat of a powerful empire under the "Mad Queen" Rain Silves for several decades during the 22nd Century, but was once more reverted to a peaceful monarchy after her deposition. Currently Argos is at war with the Orkish Black Horde, which invaded their home and seized territory in the North-Western region of Argos.


Ancient Times

Coming of the Elves

The Rise of Sergal Culture