The Assassin's Brotherhood is a multi-national organization of highly-skilled elite assassins, thieves, thugs, lowlives, and all other manners of society's scum. It was founded and is maintained by a human terrorist only known as The Reaper, who makes his living off of blood money, and his advisor, the infamous witch Maghda.

The Brotherhood has produced some of the finest hitmen in all of history, as well as the most notorious. It is responsible for the deaths of most of the presidential candidates during the 2160 election, and also for the election of Corvo Atano into office, which sparked the Gearhead crisis.

Despite efforts by world governments, the Brotherhood's hideout is yet to be discovered, and Reaper is yet to be put to justice.


Culture and Members

Some of the most notable members of the Assassin's Guild, past and present, are:

- Deathstroke (formerly)

- Widowmaker

- Ziggs

- Aloysius Animo

- Big Bull

- Killer Moth

- Blight (dead)

- Juri Han

- Sarah Fortune (formerly)