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The God Bughuul, in his preferred form of appearance.

"Many will run, all will hide, but he still will come inside. Lock your doors, your windows too, the Lord of Shame: he comes for you."

-Passage from the Bughaar; Bughuul's Holy Book

Bughuul is a member of The Darks , his spheres of influence are Silence, Shame, and Loneliness.

Basic Information

Bughuul is widely regarded by scholars as the weakest of the Darks, this is simply because of his lack of participation in mortal affairs. Out of all the Gods, Bughuul is the least likely to meddle in the events of the living; those he does convene with are exceptionally interesting individuals.

When he does appear to mortals, however, he appears in the footage of cameras and photos, as well as in dreams, many believe that he actually lives in the images he appears in. In these images, he chooses to appear as an eyeless, mouth-less, demonic-looking creature dressed in very human appearing garments with long black hair. when eye contact is made with him in the photos/films, he speaks to the individual telepathically, and treats them as what they are: mortals. This means he regards them as weak and sees himself as much higher than them.


Holy symbol of Bughuul, painted in blood upon the door of a worshipper's home


Bughuul is the first born of Chernabog, and a God-ancestor of the dubious Boogermonster. He inherited all of his powers from his father and, after the defeat of the Titans, inherited other spheres of influence as well. Earning him the respect and power to allow him to dance and jump around.

When the Aetherium War broke out, and all the Gods were forced to choose a side, Bughuul constantly shifted sides between the Divines and the Darks (it is often believed that thi is where Boogeyman got his habit of also changing sides in any given war). Aku, after the Darks lost the Aetherium War, punished Bughuul for his disloyalty by trapping him in his realm, where he has lived ever since. Now, as turmoil grips Atmah, Bughuul watches from his realm, probably laughing to himself at the insolence of the mortals.


  • Bughuul's worshippers are rare, they are a fanatical community obssessed with self harm, with a primary goal of freeing Bughuul from the confines of his realm.
  • Although he does not remember, Solid Snake was once spoken to by Bughuul in his early childood. Bughuul intended to devour his soul, but Snake's sheer willpower, even at that age, resisted Bughuul's powers.
  • Also as punishment for his treachery during the Aetherium War, Aku also removed Bughuul's ability to transform into a giant serpent (which was one of his abilities when he was at full strength.
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