First Lieutenant Cammy White is a human female officer of the radical human-supremacist group, Cerberus. Cammy came in to the servitude of Cerberus at a quite young age, raised by her family to dislike and hold prejudice against other races.

Cammy developed great disdain for aliens and non-human races due to growing up knowing of terrible alien encounters of the past. Eager to do her part in securing Earth for humanity, Cammy put that fire in her heart to use by joining up with the racist group Cerberus and rising quickly through the ranks to Lieutenant after just a few short years. Since then, Cammy has been a top agent of the radical group, often times serving directly at the discretion of Chairman Jack.

During the worldwide unification of Cerberus divisions following the weakening of the United States division, Cammy, as a chief officer of the UK division, became acquainted with the leader of the African Cerberus division, a mighty warlord known as Ekon Mwamba, or Doomfist. Cammy, though raised with a xenophobic mindset, eventually set aside her prejudices and entered into a romantic relationship with Ekon.

A deadly fighter in her own right, the powerfully built Cammy is many times underestimated, however she has defied expectations time and time again and has proven to be a formidable opponent to any foe.


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Personality and Skills