The strange sigil of Chaos that depicts flailing tentacles and gnashing teeth, possibly referencing the ancient being Y'shaarj.

The Chaos is a primordial, immensely powerful force that originates from beyond Creation itself, the endless blackness and nothingness known as the Void. Not much is known about Chaos, due to the fact that it has only visited Existence twice, but with dire consequences and outcomes. Even the Gods admit to knowing next to nothing about Chaos, save for how powerful they are. However, in Ada legends, it is said that Chaos is the vile spawn of the infamous black worm, father of all evil and sin, Y'shaarj.

The first time that Chaos entered our Existence was many millenia ago, where it obliterated the Alicorn Empire in Lenor and the Forerunner Empire in Atmah. No one truly knows just how powerful Chaos is, but according to the being known as Mephisto, a speaker for Chaos during their arrival, they have consumed over many existences besides Mundus. Indeed, Chaos has shown samples of its true power in the past - battling against Anui and Sargeras before time began, the corruption and subsequent annihilation of mighty empires in ancient times, and more recently, the corruption of Anui the Creator himself.

Chaos entered our reality again in the early 2160s, this time organized by two dark beings known as Mephisto and Baal . They laid waste to Existence once again, ravaging all realms within, greatly damaging Aetherius itself, and nearly bringing about the destruction of Mundus itself.



A few instances in the history of Creation, the Void has encroached upon the material world in specific places, spewing out nightmarish monstrosities from beyond reality. Chaos can even swallow whole worlds whole.

Society and Culture

Notable figures of Chaos:

Lord Baal - The right hand, advisor, and council to Mephisto. He is the co-ruler of all Chaos.

Lord Mephisto - The supreme head of Chaos, primary ruler of Chaos. 

Yor'goth - An architect of the Fall of the Alicorn Empire. He corrupted Eliphas and Horus. He embodies pure rage.