"I, Kazzak, Lord of Doom, have come. Let all tremble and whimper as my power graces this puny world!"

Doomlord Kazzak, also known as Kazzak the Supreme, and Lord of the Lenor Offensive, is a huge winged demon lord of the Burning Legion, Champion of Archimonde and Lieutenant of Mannoroth. He is a zealot, his faith and loyalty to the Legion immovable as a mountain. He is mighty, one of the strongest demons in the Legion. A brilliant tactician, he is a fearsome Lord of the Legion.

When the invasion of Mundus began, the pit lord Mannoroth put Kazzak in charge of the Lenor Offensive. He instructed the infamous Horus Blackwater to open a Dark Portal in Lenor, so that he and his demon forces can enter that universe. Blackwater completed this task, allowing Kazzak and his legions to enter Lenor, beginning the devastation of Equestria and surrounding lands.

Currently, Kazzak's forces continue their invasion of Lenor. The demon armies are driving back the forces of the planet's nations, and Kazzak commands from the Legion Front in Equestria.


Personality and Abilities