3125395-war torn

The ruins of Mobotropolis, torn apart by the Egg Empire's invasion.

The Freedom War is a large-scale conflict that is occuring solely in the realm of Mobius, and has so far resulted in a huge amount of damage to its cities, as well as high casualties. It began when the Egg Empire under Emperor Robotnik of Mars invaded Mobius. The war continues to this day, the major factions involved being the Egg Empire under Emperor Robotnik, the Mobian Armed Forces, the Freedom Fighters under Sally Acorn, and the Suppression Squad under Scourge the Hedgehog.

As a result of the long and grueling war, much of Mobius is either in a state of collapse or attempting to hold out against the forces of the Empire and their allies. As of now, Mobius is in total disarray, and no side seems to have the upper hand.