General Alphonso Knoxx was the head of Cerberus United States Division. He was an experimental "Colossus", one of the biggest and mightiest soldiers in Cerberus, and undoubtedly one of the greatest soldiers of humanity. He wears a special battle harness, which was made of the same material as Cerberus' destroyer cruisers, and granted him superhuman strength. Knoxx ws a mighty human warrior, he measured over 10 feet tall in armor. He was the undisputed commander of Cerberus' American armed forces, and he answered only to Handsome Jack himself. He was feared by his enemies, and greatly respected by his allies and other members of Cerberus.

General Knoxx served Cerberus for much of his augmented life, fighting across many battlefields to secure victory for Cerberus, and often succeeding in his campaigns. He was such a revered soldier, that when the Highbreed invaded Earth, he was sent to lead the charge against the alien creatures. Unfortunately, he met his end on this very mission, impaled and mutilated to death by the brutal Mogu General, Iron Qon