The goblin coat of arms.

Goblins are a race of short, intelligent green-skinned humanoids that evolved and reside on the Heraklon moon in the Io universe in Araboth. They are the undisputed kings of technology and industry on the planet, developing and using the most advanced technology and weaponry among any race. They are currently part of the Uuruk rebellion against the Alliance of Order. The reason for this not being that they are oppressed, but because they are discriminated against by more orderly races. Also, they are perceived as thieves, kingpins, and cartel runners.

For this reason, they began to fund and pledge technology and soldiers to the Uuruk cause. By doing this, they hope to establish monopolies on all technology and to have complete control of prices and the tech market in the new order. The Goblin race is headed by the most powerful and wealthy kingpin of all the goblin crews, Trade-Prince Gallywix.


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Two goblins, a thug and an engineer.

Culture and Technology