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A depiction of Highmaul, a massive city of stone perched on the slopes of Mount Eblis, on the moon of Heraklon.

The Gorian Empire, also known as the Ogres of Eblis, is a massive and powerful empire consisting of ogres and their slaves. This empire is located on the moon of Heraklon in the Araboth reality. The Gorian Empire is an ancient civilization, finding its beginnings thousands of years ago, long before the rise of other cultures on the moon. Originally founded in ancient times by the powerful sorcerer-warrior Cho'gall, he and the ogres worshipped the mighty and powerful dragon demigod of destruction known as Deathwing, whom resided on Heraklon.

They followed the mighty dragon and became his personal armies. In fact, the Gorian Empire was successful in ancient times for taking over all of Heraklon and becoming its lords for a time. However, they were eventually overthrown and Deathwing himself was challenged and imprisoned within the great Mount Eblis. Since then, the ogre empire has diminished and relocated to the mountain. The ogres have taken to residing on the slopes of the Mountain itself, where they built the great, massive city of Highmaul, which now acts as the Empire's seat of power.

Many years later, when the Heraklon War began between the Uuruk and Alliance forces, the Gorians were initially content with remaining isolated and uninvolved in the fighting. However, when the Uuruk allied with the malevolent Burning Legion, the demonic forces of the Legion went to work on Heraklon, and awakened the sleeping dragon of destruction, Deathwing. When this happened, Emperor Cho'gall immediately joined his master in aiding the Legion.

Now, the terrifying and mighty armies of the ogres once more march upon the lands of Heraklon, and now lend their terrible power to the cause of the Legion, in subjugating all free people who dare stand against them.