"There is no future for mankind. There is only Grodd."

Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent silverback gorilla and the leader of the Gorilla Force. He is greatly intelligent, easily smarter any Human on Earth. Grodd is immensely strong, capable of lifting cars, killing humans with ease, and even besting a mortal imbued with divine power, Riolu. After Grodd's ascension from the life of a simple gorilla to leader of the Gorilla Force, he became a sworn foe of most of the Gangs, and also to the Second Blue Team. Since, he has commanded his loyal ape followers against his foes, in pursuit of taking control of what he believes is his world.

Grodd considers himself a public figure, and wears his motives on his sleeves for all to see. He openly opposes Human rulership of Earth, and sees his people, the apes, as superior in every way. He seeks to dethrone Humanity and install the apes as the rulers of the world.

Grodd's efforts have led to the destruction of most American gangs. His Gorilla Force has grown very strong, becoming an army in its own right. Currently, he is regarded as one of the most powerful and feared figures in the United States, and likely the planet. He is considered a terrorist by Human governments and his end is actively sought by the American military and Blue Team. Yet, he so far seems untouchable.


Rise from the Bottom

Grodd first began his rise as a zoo gorilla in New York City. Prior to the destruction of the Chaos Gods, he was a simple gorilla with simple behavior and primitive thoughts.


Among them was the gorilla that would be Grodd. He gained awareness and the ability to think rationally later. At that point, he was harassed by Luchadores who wanted to agitate the gorilla and extract some of his testosterone for one of their drugs. Grodd got angry, and bursted out of the cage, killing everyone observing him. Then, he escaped the zoo and inspected the bodies of his foes. They bore the Luchadore symbol, which gave Grodd information as to where their employer was.

Grodd surprise attacked the Luchadore boss, Killbane, in his own private room. He busted through the glass overlook, and was immediately met with Luchadore guards. Grodd cleverly feigned a surrender, and when the armed gangsters got in close, he took them all out with savage gorilla strength, killing all 4 guards in 5 seconds. He then approached Killbane, discussing his knowledge of Killbane's "gorilla testosterone plans". Pryor denied his involvement, while quietly drawing a gun from his drawer. When Grodd scolded Killbane of his decision, he drew the gun and attempted to fire, but the gorilla stopped him. He knocked the pro wrestler down, and then stated that he would kill him. Grodd then bashed and mangled the man, leaving him dead.

Personality and Abilities

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