Hargon Daas, the Politician's God, and the Lord of Riches, is the the Dark God of power, wealth, and wisdom. He is one of the many spirits that sided with Aku during the Aetherium War before the beginning of Creation. Daas has often been worshipped by kings and dictators of countries, as well as those who seek to achieve reputable wealth. Hargon Daas is known to speak to those who posess a high level of influence and/or ambition, and who in addition provide a sufficient offering.

Daas is often depicted as a corpulent cyclopean being who wears a golden raiment and carries a staff that has a golden human heart on the handle.


After the creation of Atmah and throughout history, Hargon Daas had strong influence in geographical superpowers like The Roman Empire, Russia, China, Japan, England, France, Nazi Germany, and Spain. His influence even held strong in the United States during certain time periods. Once the Aetherium War began, Daas saw the benefit in joining the side that he thought would win the war, the Darks led by Aku. Once the war was over and Aku was defeated, Daas was imprisoned inside Tartarus for betraying the Divines.

After millennia, Anurel saw fit to release Daas from Tartarus, since he was confident that Daas had been reformed. The Lord of the Divines allowed Daas to be free to let his influence spread, to an extent. The God of Wealth, once freed decided to create his own personal realm within Creation rather than dwell in Aetherius. He named this realm the Palace of Gold. Here, Daas kept his head down for millennia, but he once again freely sided with Aku during the War of Pawns in the year 2158 C.E., and for several events following.

After the devastation unleashed at the apex of the War of Pawns, Daas' chief source of worship came from the Silent Moons clan, particularly their leader, Grand Cardinal Estarmo VI. The Moons, having more than a suitable foothold in The Wasteland, were accepted by Daas to be his "chosen people", although he used them mainly as pawns that he sent out to try and eliminate Blue Team.

After Blue Team defeated Aku's avatar at the end of the War of Pawns, the world was restored to its previous splendor, and Daas was debilitated for a long while since his Silent Moon worshippers realized his deception and abandoned him. Some time later, Daas returned to bring Aku back a second time, along with Aku's Emissary, Veigar, and The Mythic Dawn. Aku was summoned during The Battle of Killamanjaro, only to be defeated again by Anurel, who also wiped out The Mythic Dawn. Frustrated, Daas retreated to his personal realm and continued to tug at the strings of the mortal world using his machinations of greed and wealth.

Corvo Atano, after being elected President of the United States, became an avid worshipper of Hargon Daas.

Personality and Interaction with Mortals

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