Deus da Guerra Dokah

High Priest Jalak of the Zandalari Empire.

"Now a' show ya what happen when ya cross da Zandalari!"

High Priest Jalak is the leader of the ancient and mystical Zandalari, one of the three major groups in the Highbreed Empire. He is a tall, powerful warrior-mage, who stands as an equal to Lei Shen the Thunder King and Lord Zor'lok in the hierarchy of the Empire. 

Jalak himself is an extremely proud creature, believing himself to be right about all matters. He is the religious voice of his people, and often, to others in the Highbreed as well. He is cunning, ruthless, and tenacious. He is always eager to test himself against the enemy, and to prove the glory of his people, the Zandalari.

He is not the most brilliant of the hierarchs, but he is the most magically gifted, and swift. With his greatspear in hand, Jalak is truly a force to be reckoned with, easily capable of subduing or killing whoever he pleases. Jalak is described as a living storm. Whether it be a flurry of magic or steel, Jalak is sure to put down anyone in his way.



High Priest Jalak without his ceremonial war-mask.

Personality and Abilities