Afro samurai Justice

Judge Doom, the deadly Combine gunslinger.

"You think you're safe from me, boy? No one hides from Justice. I am the Judge, Jury, and Executioner!"

- Judge Doom

Judge Doom, also called Justice, or simply Doom is an agent and assassin of the Combine Overwatch. He is extremely deadly, dual-wielding long barreled revolvers and also possessing a kukri machete. Doom is employed by the Combine as a hitman; he terminates targets deemed by the Combine as being "a threat to order and stability". In other words, he kills troublemakers or dissidents. He attempted to kill Blue team on several occasions, each time failing, however close he came. 



Judge Doom is a cruel man who takes joy in killing people, especially those whome he holds a grudge against. Judge Doom is rather silent, cunning, and gloating. He likes to brag about his skill as a gunman, and his ability to terminate targets easily.