Mistress Kitsura, the Bladed Wind, is a Sergal female blademaster who co-heads the notorious Gearhead raiders alongside her husband, Corvo Atano.

Not much is known about Kitsura, as prior to her rise to public life, she was an elusive character who was skilled at evading the authorities. What is known about her came from the law enforcement of the sergal homeland of Argos, where she was labeled as a war criminal, wanted dead or alive. She was considered very dangerous - previously trained extensively in the arts of the blade, and known to be an excellent assassin.

Kitsura evaded incarceration for years, as she fled to the human lands, eventually meeting and later marrying the renegade Corvo Atano. After he took control of the Gearhead raiders, Kitsura helped lead the group and also served as the defender of Corvo. At the behest of her husband, she performed several assassinations on key targets during several conflicts across the world, many of which ended up determining the outcome of the war.

Kitsura and Corvo together conspired to seize the presidency of the United States during the 2160 election. Through murder and trickery they succeeded, Corvo becoming president and Kitsura First Lady. They ruled the country with an iron fist for a few years, but eventually were deposed. Since then, Kitsura has once again withdrawn from public life and remains with her husband.


Personality and Skills