Kryptonian symbol for journey by jamesng8-d57sn4d

The symbol of the Kryptonian race.

Kryptonians are a race of tall and elegant near-humans that originated on the planet Krypton in the Io universe in Araboth. In terms of appearance, they are nearly identical to human beings, aside from their height (Kryptonians are taller than humans), and their skin color (Kryptonians are always fair-skinned). Kryptonians are far more intelligent than humans. They are stronger and faster. In addition, kryptonians have superhuman abilities. Some have the ability to fly, others have the ability to uproot a tree with minimal effort. In short, they have superpowers. Depending on the genes of the individual, they will inherit certain powers.

The Kryptonians achieved space travel thousands of years prior to humans, and quickly advanced to the most senior castes of galactic society, gaining control of planets and founding powerful companies and even empires. They are famed for their strength, intelligence, business savvy, and their knowledge of technology. Some gifted individuals are born with innate skill for war, others with the desire to achieve peace. However, one constant feature in all Kryptonians is their great hunger for power.

In recent times, with the awakening of the Highbreed Empire, the Kryptonians have fallen from what they once were. The Highbreed came to the planet Krypton in search of information on an Anannaki artifact. Believing the Kryptonians were somehow involved with the activation of one of the Anannaki beacons, the supreme general of the Highbreed, Iron Qon, demanded information directly from their High Matron. Refusing to talk, she was executed and the planet of Krypton was subsequently put to the torch. Survivors and refugees fled the planet with haste, and now wander the stars in search of a new home and purpose...


Culture and Notable Kryptonians

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