"I am the Highbred! He who was chosen to mold and forge creation however I see fit!"
Lei Shen the Thunder King, also known as The Lord of the Highbreed , or the Highbred is an ancient Mogu warrior-king who united the Mogu people in Araboth's ancient history. Using his great strength and wisdom, Lei Shen rallied other ancient and mighty empires to him, notably the Zandalari and the Mantid Empires. Together, they formed the Highbreed, a universal-scale force consisting of thousands of planets, countless warriors, and incredible power.

Aeons ago, the three races of the Mogu, Mantid, and Zandalari were forged from earth and spirit by the Nu'ada gods, tasked with repelling Chaos from fledgling Creation and nurturing life. They did their duty for millennia, but once their gods fell silent, the three races erupted into war and all was in ruin. Chaos invaded once more, and all Creation teetered on the brink of oblivion. This is when Lei Shen arose. With might and wisdom and magic, Shen united the Mogu and with their help, annihilated the forces of the void. Outstretching his hand to the other two races, Lei Shen promised the glory of the old days, and a new mission - to purify the cosmos once and for all.  

Lei Shen himself is the most brutal, ruthless, and powerful Mogu in Creation, and probably one of the most powerful beings of all time. He is by far the mightiest of the three hierarchs in the Highbreed. He is widely perceived to be a god because of his might, intelligence, natural leadership, and perhaps most importantly, his mastery of primordial forces of the cosmos. His power goes beyond simple strength of arm or even magic. Lei Shen bears the "Stormforce", which gives him the ability to command lightning, storms, the raw arcane, and all sorts of destructive forces of nature.  

Currently, Lei Shen and his Highbreed have once more taken on their quest of old, and have found their way into our reality of Mundus as well. Now, seeing the races of Earth as tainted, Lei Shen seeks to purge the world once and for all.  


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The mighty Thunder King Lei Shen, emperor of the Highbreed, and lord of the mogu.

Personality and Powers