Lenoren, also known as the Eternal Empress, the Starborn, and Mother Equestria, was the first Alicorn, an original and eternal spirit that was born from the same divine substance as Anurel, the God of Rulership.

Lenoren is known as the "mother" of all alicorns and as such, the mother of Equestria. She is credited with forming the world of Artem, the homeworld of all Equestrian-kind. After creating the alicorn race and installing their empire on Equestria, Lenoren is said to have "returned to her holy Star-Home" to watch over the alicorn race. She has not been seen in person since her supposed departure, but the one piece of evidence of her existence remains - her golden radiant crown, which remains on display, but well-guarded, in the Palace of the Sun in Canterlot City.

Lenoren is seen as either an aspect of Anurel or his child, and indeed legends of the first alicorn vary in terms of what exactly her relationship is to the Divine God. Regardless the old legends state that Lenoren descended from the heavens and, through her divine love and mercy, created others in her own image, though bound to the mortality of creation, by comparison. It is unclear what this exactly means. However she is known as the founder of the Alicorn Empire, the greatest power that ever came to exist on the world of Artem.


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