"It is not enough to be a mere lord among warriors. Soon, with your aid, my students, we will become as kings among lords. As gods among mortals."

Lord Sheng, also known as the Lord of Coyotes, and the Grandmaster of the Shrouded Ghosts, was a Beronan Peacock and the leader of the Shrouded Ghosts Clan from 2130 - 2158. Shen was brilliant, cunning, swift, and ambitious. In addition, he was immensely skilled in the arts of blade combat. He was also a cousin to the late Atticus "Boss" Cassidy, and he trained the deadly snow fox warrior Alopex.

Sheng was originally the heir of a peacock noble family from Berona, however he threw it all away when he decided to turn to a life of crime. Due to his scheming, refusal to obey orders, and cruelty, he never made it out of standard schooling. Seeking to make his own way in the world, he rounded up large numbers of Coyotes from across the world (Sheng's royal family used Coyotes as guards) and had them all trained to be effective assassins, silent warriors, and a devastating fighting force, one that would serve him alone. He named this organization the Shrouded Ghosts Clan. Soon, the SGC rivaled the other vast bandit empire in the world, The SOA (Sons of Anarchy).

Sheng played a large role in the Wasteland Wars, where he and his Ghosts were able to survive the Hellblast that obliterated most of the Earth's surface. They became shadowy bandits, scouring the world (namely, the U.S.), raiding, pillaging, and killing wherever they saw fit. The SGC, like the Orks under Warlord Gorgutz, became a feared fighting force, and Sheng himself became a figurehead of terror.

Lord Sheng was ultimately defeated at the hands of Blue Team, near the end of the Wasteland Wars. However, he remains alive somewhere in the world to this day.


Personality and Skills


Lord Shen preparing for combat.