Lucario is a jackal pokemon, who, along with David "Snake" Thatcher, founded the greatest group to ever fight for Earth, Blue Team. Lucario was a quiet, kept-to-self kind of individual, known for his reserved nature. He was said to be guarded about his mind, with Snake being the only person he spoke to openly.

Lucario was stong and determined, never a coward. In fact, Lucario was famed for his bravery, fighting spirit, and constant determination. He was tactically brilliant, and always kept a cool head, regardless of the situation. Lucario was in particular a rather faithless individual. For the longest time, he apparently did not bow to any god, choosing instead to put faith in himself and his friends.

Under Lucario and Snake's leadership, Blue Team rose from being a small group of crime fighters based in the Eastern United States, to becoming the most famed and powerful defenders of the world. Over the years, Lucario along with Snake and the longest-running members of Blue Team were known as heroes among Earth's people. At the end of Blue Team's existence, an era of peace ensued. For his exploits, Lucario, as well as Snake, were taken up into Aetherius by the Divines themselves. His fate following this is unknown, but many believe he became a god.

Before his rapture, Lucario left behind a son, Riolu, who inherited his role as a protector of Earth.


Personality and Skills

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