"All who seek knowledge come to me - sooner or later..."

Nezoth, also known as Ktulu, and The Whispering God, is the Dark God of corruption, mystery, darkness, and forbidden knowledge. Nezoth is one of the most secretive and mysterious of the Dark Gods, but despite this, he holds a tremendous amount of power due to the knowledge he hoards, and the darkness he commands. None of the other gods know his true intentions or his methods.

Those who have heard Nezoth's whisperings claim that he speaks with a very soothing but foreboding voice. He often entices mortals with the promise of enlightenment or hidden knowledge. Such was the case with Malefor, whom Nezoth turned to darkness. He has caused or had a hand in many calamities, and overall is considered one of the most dangerous beings of all, even among the Dark Gods.

History and Physiology

Personality and Interaction with mortals