Pokemon is the common name given to creatures and beings that exist all across Earth, that possess innate magical or elemental powers. Pokemon are not classified as Man, Mer, or beast - they are a unique set of beings with intelligence, natural powers, and habitats.

Pokemon vary greatly in terms of size, shape, appearance, and power. There are many species of Pokemon, with little in common apart from the fact that they all possess natural powers, and their origins. A prevailing and likely true theory held by biologists is that the beings now known as Pokemon have existed long before humans and elves and any other race on Earth. These creatures were in fact, created by the Dragons during the ancient days of the planet. No one is quite sure of why the Pokemon were created, but it is believed that the Dragons created them to be guardians and stewards of the natural world. They were created to be capable of intelligence, learning, and wielding many unique powers to help protect the world.

Once the Dragons were all but wiped out, it is believed that the Pokemon, without their lords, lost their purpose and began living reclusively away from humans and elves alike. During the glory days of the High Elven Merethi Empire, a great many Pokemon living in Velous were exterminated as part of the Great Purges that took place around that time. Humans however, had a much better relationship with Pokemon, and many were rescued by humans and taken to live in the Terra regions of Earth. As a result, most Pokemon now live in human countries.

Despite this, the history of Pokemon since has been marred with conflict. Pokemon have existed as pets, slaves and second-class citizens to humans for plenty of recent history, despite their great capability for intelligence and civilized behavior. It wasn't until the Pokemon rights acts in the 21st century that Pokemon finally began being treated as citizens and began being incorporated into human societies equally.

Eventually, experiments conducted on Pokemon by humans resulted in generally larger, stronger and more powerful creatures known as Digimon.