Shannox Fire-Tongue is a flamewalker demon, and the Lord of the Atmah Offensive, serving as one of the forward-most commanders of the demonic Burning Legion. Being Overlord Mannoroth's right hand, Shannox is tasked with carrying out his master's will, and laying waste to the nations of Earth in the name of the Legion.

Shannox has been seen to be massive, around five stories tall, and wielding a flaming sword that destroys anything it slices through. Though Shannox is very powerful, he remains a grunt in comparison to Mannoroth, to say nothing of the true lords of the Legion. Despite this, Shannox's rampage through Earth is devastating to this day, and was only halted for a time by doing battle against Xin the Weaponmaster, a general of the Highbreed Empire. The result of this battle was a grueling standstill.


Personality and Abilities