A portrait of Sidorak The Conqueror.

King Sidorak Brymmston I The Conqueror  was a Charr warlord and one of the most legendary kings of his race. He came to power at the age of 23, one of the youngest Charr to ever take the throne. His brash and headstrong young mind led him to take his formerly isolated race into many campaigns of conquering. He seized control of several lands neighboring Tyria, adding them to his envisioned "Greater Tyria" that still remains today. He subjugated many races and slaughtered them likewise. Bloodthirsty and driven by intense racial pride, he transformed the Charr into a warlike, imperial race, even more so than previously.

His most famous endeavor was the Invasion of Equestria, homeland of the Ponies, and domain of Princess Celestia. His Charr forces poured into the trainquil land with terrible war machines and savage war tactics. The Equestrians, unused to the art of war and taken by complete surprise, were an easy target for the violent race, and the peaceful race began losing the war quickly. Eventually driven to desperation, the Ponies surrendered and were subjugated, and Equestria became Charr territory. Sidorak ruled over his Greater Tyria for approximately a year, his reign was terrible and brutal. There was poverty, inequality, death and fear throughout the Empire. He had the "lesser" races in his Empire imprisoned in internment camps, where famine and disease were widespread. The charr, driven by their superiority complex, hoarded food and property, leaving the subjugated with nothing. It seemed that Sidorak had become like a god, unopposable and holding unlimited power.

Later, in a swift and surprise uprising, the Equestrians played their ace, new, highly trained warriors blessed by Celestia herself; the Equestrian Knights. In the rebellion that followed, Equestria was finally liberated and even the Conqueror himself, Sidorak, was slain in battle by Sir Elonious the Stout, the last surviving knight of the uprising. Therefore, Sidorak and the Charr occupation were ended, and Equestria was saved - however at great cost; thousands killed, endless land ravaged, and all knights involved in the conflict slain.

He is one of the most notorious warmongers in Lenorian history, alongside Horus Blackwater , Warmaster Eliphas , Nightmare Moon, and Boss Goresnout


Personality and Skills