"Your pathetic efforts are MEANINGLESS to Sargeras' Chosen, maggots. I will carve you all to bloody chunks, like innumerable mortals before yourselves, and then, my Master will feast upon your souls!"

War-Thane Skarbrand is a Greater Doomguard demon that serves as supposedly, one of the highest ranking members of the dreaded Burning Legion. Skarbrand was summoned in 2183 of the 7th Era, by Skaven sorcerers in the depths of the Under-Empire in Heraklon. After slaughtering Skaven for a short amount of time, he confronted the Second Blue Team whom were lost within the Under-Empire's tunnels.

He referred to himself as the "War-Thane of Sargeras", and even Sargeras' Chosen. What this means is unclear. However, Skarbrand certainly lived up to these titles - he was massive, measuring around fifty feet in height, and wielding two axes named Carnage and Wrath, which carved into stone, steel, and bone with ease.

Skarbrand attempted to break free into the surface world to sow destruction and chaos in his Master's name, but he was stopped by a selfless sacrifice which delayed him for a time, plunging him deeper into the abyss of the Under-Empire.


Personality and Equipment