The symbol of the Sons of Anarchy.

The Sons of Anarchy, otherwise known as The Sons, or the Bandits, are an anarchistic, renegade empire of bandits located all across the United States. It is unknown when the clan was first founded and who founded it, but it is known that the earliest signs of their raids were sometime in the early 20th century. Over the years, they earned a reputation of being homegrown terrorists, but the Sons considered themselves like the merry men of Robin Hood. In fact, the Sons believe their empire to be descended from this legendary man.  

The Sons seem to have a state cult-like religion that worships a being known as the "Firehawk". The bandits have declined every request made by outsiders to explain their religion further. Nowadays, the Sons hide out in their bases, which are basically abandoned buildings, all across the nation. However, with the alien invasions that took place during the 2150s, the Sons have come out of their dens and began to prey on the weak and crippled remnants of humanity. The Sons of Anarchy are currently led by Boss Flynt, and his religious leader associate, Incinerator Clayton. 


Borderlands 2 bandit render by meta625-d4u0fzf

A bandit thug of the Sons Of Anarchy.

The Bandits and their culture


A Goliath, one of the larger and more dangerous bandits.

The Sons of Anarchy, being bandits, enjoy raiding cities and buildings. These bandits make use of everything they have, and waste nothing. The Sons loot everything, and they will use absolutely everything they find in some wacky contraption or sell it. The Sons were very dormant during the times of peace and quiet prior to the War of Harrowing. However, when the war began, the bandits came out of hiding and took control of the ruined, evacuated, and abandoned cities. Here, they captured survivors, looted the cities dry, and simply occupied them. Washington D.C. namely, was the capital of Sons of Anarchy territory. It was the city that their leaders, Boss Flynt and Incinerator Clayton, were located. Incinerator Clayton runs a sort of cult-like religion in the Sons, the worship of a deity known as the "Firehawk". Any other attempts to find out about their religion were refused. 

The Bandits are divided into ranks of size and speciality. 

Marauders - The standard infantry among the bandits. They were simple body armor with a helmet and a rifle. They are individually not tough, but they are always in squads led by a larger Nomad or a higher rank marauder.

Killer Marauder - A stronger, smarter version of the former. They wear a skull like helmet with a spiky mohawk protruding from the helmet. They can be found leading regular marauders or being led by a Nomad.

Psycho - A bandit that wears little armor, but wears a simple gas mask-like face mask. As their name suggests, they have lost their sanity and are deployed as ferocious melee fighters. 

Midget - A second-class bandit that is very short (just over 3 feet tall) and has a very high pitched voice. Midgets come in many ranks, like Shotgun midget, Loot Midget, and Psycho Midget. Midgets are somewhat mistreated among the Sons, but they don't really care.

Nomad - A leadership class bandit. Nomads are big (over 6 feet, and about half that wide). Nomads always wear full bulky body armor, and they show almost no skin. Nomads can either wear very concealing hoods, or a skull-like helmet similar to the Killers. Nomads can also either use a large two-handed gun, or a big shield with a handgun(Sometimes these shields will either use spikes or have three midgets tied to them).

Goliath - A large, burly, fat, brutish bandit. Most of the Goliath's body is its upper body, and its legs are rather short. A goliath wears a large metal headpiece to conceal its hideous face underneath. If the helmet is removed, a goliath's true head is a ridiculously small skull head with no jaw. This head pops out of its body with a rather long, fleshy appendage that produces a sort of neck. The goliath then goes into a rage, were it charges forward and can knock literally anything down or aside. 

Rat - Rats come in many ranks, but they are all basically emaciated and animalistic humans wearing a sort of mask. Burrowing rats are skinny and wear a gas mask, and they often dig underground with their bare hands. Field rats act as troops, with a mask that has large goggle eyes, and body armor. Lab rats are rats with long arms that they use to grab their prey and rip them apart. Rats are used as hunters and infiltrators for the Sons.