Blue Team during their glory years.

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Everything in this wiki takes place in an Alternate Universe, a world where Blue Team operates, in a diverse, massive, intricate, and violent Universe. It is teeming with various forms of life, marauding aliens, and the scheming forces of dark gods. This wiki will explain in detail the history, experiences, and conflicts Blue team has faced, and will explain in detail the Universe that Blue team lives in.

If anyone would like to contribute appropriately to this wiki, that is fine. Please, if you don't like or approve the fiction on this wiki, Refrain from editing! Still, I'm not going to be an a** and delete your pages on the spot if I find the slightest flaw. I have only a few guidelines, so please read before contributing.

- No major events or changes can happen with Blue Team itself without my review and approval.

- All villains fall into 3 categories: Aliens, the Dark Powers, and Crime. Examples of each, Aliens: Covenant. Dark Gods: any dark champion. Crime: Terrorists, gangs, etc.

- You can not change any information about existing articles, without my approval.

- You can not create a deity or primordial being without my approval. Same for extraterrestrials, but I'm more lenient with those.

In order to put this universe's lore into perspective, I recommend reading two articles first: The Chronology and Existence. Also, you may want to read the actual Blue Team article. These articles will give you a good understanding of the setting and plot.

Blue Team

This wiki is dedicated to Blue Team, an organization of characters from all corners of the world, all together in one nearly unbreakable crime fighting unit.

This Wiki tells the story of an Alternate Reality Universe. Wherein brave heroes known as Blue Team start off their existence as crime-fighters, busting criminals and crushing gangs. But as ancient evils rise from their graves and aliens threaten our survival, Existence needs heroes desperately. Blue Team, the once casual crime busting, ass kicking team gets more than they bargained for when they are told by an angel that they are the Chosen Ones of the Gods, and that it is their destiny to beat back the forces of evil all over Existence, and to stop the spread of darkness forever. They have undergone many conflicts, hardships, adventures, and just about anything else imaginable. If this interests you, I highly recommend reading more about this immense Universe.

- PrettyboiSwagg, wiki creator.

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