The Divine Gods, also called the Divines, the Pillars of Creation, and The Makers, are a grouping of powerful gods that were responsible for forging our reality of Mundus, and currently watch over all Creation. The Divines are described as purely benevolent and caring for Creation, as they sacrificed portions of their own godly powers in order to create the ordered realms within Mundus.

Born of the primordial beings Anui and Aetheria, the Divines are known as the Ae'ada. These Divines, alongside their former brethren the Darks, battled the fallen Brother of Order Sargeras before the dawn of time and banished him, installing their rule over the paradise of Aetherius. Once the schism erupted between the brothers Anurel and Aku, the Divines chose to side with Anurel in battling Aku's followers. The Divines were eventually victorious and banished the tainted gods from paradise, where they have continued to rule justly over Creation. The Divines are the strongest aspects of order and goodness in all the universes.

The Divines are:

  • Anurel, King of the Divines, God of Righteousness, Order, and Fair Use of Power.
  • Kyne, Goddess of Just Warfare, Honor, and Mercy.
  • Valarn, God of Courage, Hope, and Lawful Retribution.
  • Gaia, Goddess of Nature, Renewal, and Life.
  • Nepturos, God of Magic, Wisdom, and the Sea and Sky.
  • Sibelle, Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Longing Desire.


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