The Faceless Empire, or simply The Faceless, are an elusive alien conquering society composed of multiple races, natural or bio-engineered. The Empire was led by Lord Vilgax The Conqueror, an almost 2,000 year old Chimaeran warlord.

The Faceless was an alien Empire that arose in the Milky Way Galaxy, founded during the rise of modern humanity multiple centuries ago. The Faceless were masters of lightning wars. They get their name from their silent invasions, and the inability of any attack survivors to identify them. Due to their silence and precision, The Faceless Empire became one of the most terrifying alien civilizations in the universe.

However, they met their presumed demise after the execution of Vilgax by Blue Team . Since then, the empire has been retreated back into the far reaches of space, and has remained almost eerily silent.



The Faceless consists of several alien breeds, some natural and some bio-engineered. The original faction of the empire was the Tsar'el, an alien race that attempted to conquer Vilgax's homeworld millenia ago. After they were defeated, Vilgax offered them a permanent place in his new empire. Since then, they created and recruited several other alien breeds to suit Vilgax's purposes.


- Chimera: Also called Warriors, these abominations are all that remains of the ancient race known as the Tsar'el, a culture of space-faring warriors who came to conquer the world of Chimaer millennia ago. After their devastating defeat at the hands of the Chimaeran race, most of their race was captured, enslaved, and tortured. The cruel Chimaerans experimented on them vigorously, transforming them into mindless killers, and strange amalgamations of various lifeforms. They were then renamed to the Chimera, slave-warriors of the overlords of Chimaer. 

Cycloid emperor render by captain six-d3j2811

A cycloid.

- Cycloids: Cycloids are a breed of bio-engineered beasts that resemble cyclopses. They are scaly, bulky, and massive. They are often adorned in mechanical augmentations, like claws, lasers, and armor. They are used as heavy assault troops, elites, and for brute force tactics.
50363 Char DNF BatLord01

An Oravore Battlelord.

- Oravores: Also called Battlelords, these bio-engineered monstrosities act as combat elites, and they are often found leading a charge of Faceless warriors. They are immensely powerful, each one being almost impossible to defeat. They often carry a heavy rifle or melee weapon. Much like Cycloids, they are used for heavy assault and brute force scenarios. They often receive their orders from Assault Commanders.


A Ditakur Assault Commander.

- Ditakur: Also called Assault Commanders, these aliens were the leaders of the Tsar'el during their invasion of Chimaer millenia ago. After their recruitment into Vilgax's Faceless, the Commanders act as tactical wizards and field marshals during invasions. They are extremely corpulent, and so must rely on hover thrones to get around efficiently. They use rebreathers to support their massive, unhealthy lungs, and they use a powerful gun attached to their arm to deal with their enemies.
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