The Second Blue Team is an organization of crime-fighters and evil-combatting warriors who are the follow-ups to the original Blue Team. After Blue Team's defeat of Chaos, the Divines allowed the heroes entrance into the paradise of Aetherius. However, a force would still be needed to fight the forces of evil in the original heroes' absences. Thus, The members of Blue Team were allowed to bear offspring, who would inherit the Blue Team's responsibility when they came of age.

The Second Team is made up of Lucario and Lopunny's child, Riolu; Snake and Yoko's children, Ryuko and her brother Zeronus, as well as Charmander, a friend of the first Blue Team.

The Second Team, almost immediately after they began their existence were met with enemies and challengers (new or old) that would see them destroyed. Among them are: Cerberus, The Gorilla Force, The Ronin, The Mining Union, The Uuruk, the the Highbreed Empire, and the vile Burning Legion.


Culture and Members