"I am the Weapon of the Gods."

Lordgenome, also known as The Spiral King is an immensely powerful and brilliant human warrior-king who founded the interstellar and genocidal Spiral Imperium. He personally led his space-faring beastmen warriors against many advanced civilizations including Earth, which he attempted to conquer twice. Calculating and deadly, Lordgenome is arguably one of the mightiest humans to have ever lived, but he is not regarded as a hero - because of his genocidal actions and the terrible deeds he wrought in the past.

Lordgenome was once an ordinary human, a young man (whose true name remains a mystery) who was part of a planetary colonization team in the mid 21st century. Through some accident, the colonization team met with disaster as they crashed on an uncharted planet. Chaos ensued over the next few months, resulting in his family being murdered and himself tortured. Managing to flee, Lordgenome found an ancient artifact of immense power that turned out to be the heart of the dead god Exodia. Lordgenome used the heart to become like a god, gaining immense power. Creating armies of beastmen, the newly crowned Spiral King annihilated the remains of the colonization team and expanded outward into space with vessels of his own making.

Since then, Lordgenome has waged war across the stars, crushing whole civilizations under his fist, declaring himself to be a weapon of the gods. He attacked Earth twice, with deadly consequences each time - once nearly conquering the world, the next under the influence of the Dark Champion the Skeleton King.


Personality and Powers