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A volus.

Volus are a race of short and stubby ammonia-breathing bipeds that originated on the planet Irune in the Andromeda Galaxy. A thousand years ago, the Volus sided with the Alliance in the unification war in their galaxy. After that, they became a naval race in the Andromeda Treaty . The volus naval fleets are the greatest fleets ever witnessed in the universe, and they each are immensely powerful and advanced. Volus are not used in ground warfare, but instead, they contribute to war with their massive and powerful fleets. 

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Physiology and Culture


The volus wear high-pressure suits to survive on other planets.

Volus are short, corpulent ammonia breathers. They are very intelligent, and much like other Andromeda races, developed space travel thousands of years before humanity. Not much is known about volus physiology, because they have never been seen outside their high-pressure suits, because they need it to survive. All that is known is that they are rather fat by nature. Volus are not individually strong, but they make up for it by being among the most intellectually ample races in the Andromeda Treaty, second to the Salarians

Volus are a very diplomatic race, and they avoid conflict if they can help it. They are very gifted pilots and engineers, and they are masters at the art of vacuum warfare, which is a fancy way of saying naval combat. They are the architects of one of the greatest naval fleets in the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies. Volus ships alone make up around 50% of the entire Treaty fleets. It was this navy that managed to combat the Reapers for the entire Black Century, and in the first half of that period, prove superior to the Reapers. However, after 100 years of war, even the mighty volus fleets began to become exhausted, due to the Reapers' seemingly limitless numbers.

The volus race typically condones war. Though they do not necessarily enjoy war, and they do not go to war as sport, they accept it as a necessary and inevitable part of galactic progression. Volus do not enjoy war, as they are more diplomatic by nature, and will try their best to avoid conflict, but they know well that conflict is an inevitable part of life. Volus try to stay away from the front lines of war, but they will do what is necessary to ensure victory and eventual peace. Still, the volus have created an immensely powerful navy, almost unrivaled by any race yet encountered by Blue team .

Notable Volus:

Chief Admiral Krebb

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