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The World Reaver, bane of planets and destroyer of life.

The World Reaver is a horrendous machine of terrible power employed by the Burning Legion. The World Reaver is said to be one of the most massive and powerful pieces of technology ever witnessed in Creation, second only to the Destroyer flagship of Boss Cass. The World Reaver is the personal siege weapon/mothership of Lord Mannoroth. The great machine was gifted to the pit lord by Archimonde the Defiler himself.

The World Reaver stands at a daunting mile and a half high. It is clad in the darkest, most impregnable metals in all Creation. It constantly belches toxic, green fel vapors. This gas emanates from its power core, an accumulation of chaotic forces left over from destroyed planets. Indeed, the World Reaver is powered by the destroyed remains of planets.

The World Reaver has layed waste to countless worlds, worlds that are now barren, crumbling, and lifeless. Now that the Burning Legion and Mannoroth have invaded Mundus, it is only a matter of time before Mannoroth unleashes his pride and joy on the hapless races he wages war on.


Abilities and Uses